Pauline van Dongen

Malheureusement il n’existe pas encore de texte en français.

PAULINE VAN DONGEN STUDIO. Pauline van Dongen is a Dutch fashion designer who specialises in wearable technology. In 2010, she set up her own studio, focusing on interdisciplinary projects that involve cooperation between a wide range of partners from different sectors. The studio embodies the dynamic intersection of fashion and technology and devotes itself to experiments and innovation, aiming to redefine the idea and value of fashion, the design experience as well as the fashion industry.

Guided by her interest in the dynamic qualities of fashion, Pauline explores the human body’s relationship with the outside world in her work.  Body language, movement and the body’s expression define the shapes of her garments, which create an intimate, personal bond between the item of clothing and its owner. Through her cooperation with producers and innovation experts from different backgrounds within the sectors of science and technology, Pauline aims to create new forms of interaction which increase the sensory experience of those who wear her designs.

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