Act Inc.

Since 2009, Act Inc. has been the market leader in the Netherlands in the  acting coaching sector. Act Inc. offers more than 250 well trained and motivated actors, specifically trained for its customers in the Act Inc. Academy. The company has a large and broad customer portfolio ranging from clients with private teachers and coaches such as the Ministry of Defense, the Dutch Police Academy, Shell, Philip Morris, Jumbo, Mercedes, Human Capital Care to training and assessment agencies such as NCOI, Boertien Vergouwen Overduin, Schouten Nelissen Global, Cubiks and Berenschot. All these customers are guided from desk to boardroom to perform better in practice, through the use of smart, effective plays. Act Inc. offers her customers comprehensive, high quality and innovative services in the field of acting coaching: acting with scripts, assessment acting, workshops on non-verbal acting, pitching, games and mobile learning.