Berry Rutjes Jr. Hat Design

After her fashion training in The Hague Berry Rutjes attended the London College of Fashion where she specialised in the traditional, artisan techniques of millinery (hat making). In 1990 she established her own milliner’s shop: Berry Rutjes Jr. Hatdesign. This is where she designs and makes hats, including elegant hats for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, baptisms, garden parties and elegant tea afternoons.

But she makes hats for everyday use too, including a collection of cheerful rain hats. Everything comes together in a hat: creativity, craftsmanship and looks.

Berry Rutjes:
« ‘I haven’t got a head for hats.’ That is a myth. The art is knowing which hat suits you: your face and, above all, your personality. A fabulous fedora, a Victorian riding hat, a pillbox, a fascinator, a flamboyant floppy hat, an asymmetric shape… What you need is expert advice. » And Berry Rutjes would love to give it to you.