Christian Lagerwaard

When Christian Lagerwaard was twenty years old, he won the prestigious Prix Guy Laroche award during the Concours de Couture in the Netherlands (1985). After winning this award, Lagerwaard moved to Paris to work in the French fashion industry and haute couture (inc. Ungarro). In the year 2000, Christian Lagerwaard presented his name-like label at the Dutch Embassy in Paris. After this show, members from the Royal Dutch Family (such as Princess Laurentien) belonged to his regular clientele. Lagerwaard participated in multiple international fashion weeks such as High Fashion Week Paris 2011, Gallery-Düsseldorf 2012, Berlin Fashion Week 2014 and the Haute Couture Week Paris 2015. In August 2016, Christian Lagerwaard opened his own store in the center of Maastricht, where his haute couture collection and ready-to-wear collection can be purchased.

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