Fabrique is a strategic design agency that specialises  in service design, app-development, e-commerce and website design. According to Fabrique, design is not about what it is, but what it causes. Together with their clients they create surprising designs and try to push boundaries, following their motto ‘challenge reality!’.

Fabrique combines imagination with knowlegde and experience. Fascinated by what moves people and what might change their behaviour, the agency is always looking for new ways to create more impact. A hundred curious designers, developers, strategists and concept thinkers in Amsterdam, Delft and Rotterdam design and build products and services that create  recognition, astonishment and conncection. Moreover, Fabrique offers training and masterclasses, given by industry leaders from their network.

Examples of projects are the City-branding for the Indian city Agra, the online environment of het Rijksmuseum, the Dayfinding app for Tate London and a new identity for the Edinburgh International Festival.