“There’s an evolving perception of what’s valuable and meaningful to a new generation, and it centers on the notion of care – care in design, materials, craftsmanship and a design process driven by utility and end use.” Paul Helbers knows that everyone now expects a lot from their clothes, and is driven to bring people excellence. He has a deep understanding of artisan disciplines so his approach to his eponymous menswear label merges the antiquarian with the contemporary.

For his debut eponymous collection that launched in January 2016, Helbers worked between the notions of fashion, fantasy and lifestyle reality, creating an essential edit of what a man needs, without overwhelming him with product. The small, yet perfectly executed and curated collection offers tailoring, knits, sportswear, shoes and bags.

Paul Helbers was inspired by the poetic images of Robert Rauschenberg, Bela Lugosi and early Irving Penn portraits of Bernstein and TS Elliot, each celebrating an immaculate sense of dress and off-duty style. Helbers fuels the strength of artisan skills with more abstract and contemporary ideas, often accelerating in terms of industrial innovation but also always preserving a sensitivity with regard to local ‘savoir-faire’, as he develops and produces the collection in Venice, Italy.