Das Leben am Haverkamp

Das Leben banner

Who might have guessed that at least seven billion atoms found their way to construct four individual entities that would eventually speak and discuss the current state of affairs of something we delightfully – but often problematically – call fashion? A collision of people like this just happens once in a blue moon.

Our main protagonists – Anouk van Klaveren (1991), Christa van der Meer (1988), Dewi Bekker (1990) and Gino Anthonisse (1988) – joined forces and formed the collective Das Leben am Haverkamp after graduating from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Their unconventional approach to design and fashion results in thought-provoking, unpolished work, often inspired by alter egos, boyhood and floral curtains. New, uncharted territory is explored during the inventive performances and presentations of Das Leben am Haverkamp. All the members have their individual label, and present it collectively.
Their headquarter is a laboratory at Haverkamp, in the outskirts of The Hague. Despite the freezing cold in winter, the abandoned building is a pleasurable place to be.
Experiment takes place in their year-round playground – a motley mixture of black and white cats, purple pill bugs and wild plants that wangle their way in.

Das Leben am Haverkamp collectively disagrees on the imaginative borders created between disciplines. Together they create the novel context necessary for their unrestricted way of working and thinking. Welcome to our island spaceship disjointed from time and space. It could all of a sudden land at a prestigious museum, or right in front of you at your local supermarket, but never as you expect.