Jan Taminiau (1975, Goirle) is one of the most exclusive and successful Dutch couturiers, with an atelier in Baambrugge, Netherlands, just outside of Amsterdam, and another one in Madrid, Spain.

In 2004 Jan Taminiau launched his own independent Couture label JANTAMINIAU in Amsterdam and then, in Madrid in 2016, building silhouettes, volumes and shapes that extend beyond the limits of creativity.

In 2018 the Wardrobe line was introduced for a versatile and comfortable series of Ready-to-Wear pieces that embody a fresh and renewed spirit based on meticulous experimentation, pattern making and care of the smallest detail.

The value of fineness in every detail that completes the dreamy universe of JANTAMINIAU Couture is reflected in how Jan combines his Couture savoir-faire and traditional clothing construction crafts with modern techniques to create pieces that embrace a story of art and creativity. The Ready-to-Wear collection is a reflection of Jan’s Couture work, as the techniques and silhouettes that he has been developing through these past 17 years are the basis of the Wardrobe collection.

JANTAMINIAU celebrates craftsmanship and heritage with thoughtfully made pieces for today’s contemporary women. The concept of Wardrobe is based on the idea of a living collection, a space made and built by clients. The essence of the Wardrobe relies on how they see themselves and which items they would like to cherish. All those pieces together represent them, their lifestyle and personality. All these pieces are designed to be passed from one generation to the next.

The true essence of Wardrobe is the idea of an alive concept in constant evolution. There is a consistant embrace between colors and textures, between lightness and structure. Transparency and rawness represent the beauty of contradiction by enhancing the originality of each unique piece. 

JANTAMINIAU Wardrobe can be worn in all different occasions, it includes essential items for today’s contemporary woman. Designs that lift the soul, pieces that blurs the boundaries between day and night, garments and designs that embody a fresh and renewed spirit. Versatile and comfort are the Jan’s maxims and he stands for craft and love in every hem and stitch. All the looks are made in small skilled ateliers in different areas of Europe located in Spain and The Netherlands.

Jan Taminiau wants to offer women essential pieces for their wardrobe. For years he has de-signed Couture looks for special occasions, but he also wants to be present in the daily life of the woman. It is about celebrating women of all agess, effortlessly modern and radiantly feminine women. All Wardrobe pieces do not follow traditional seasons and strive for timelessness.