Corsage Studio

CORSAGE-STUDIO is a collective whose work combines garment making with visual arts – fields that both affect and deepen one another – developing clothing concepts rather than fashion collections. Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the collective creates fashion and art from the viewpoint of the outsider, with a background in illustration, filmmaking and photography. In 2015, CORSAGE-STUDIO won the Jury Prize for their project, HAT DRESSES, in the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen competition The Future of Fashion is Now.

In an era in which the role and position of fashion are changing rapidly, fashion itself has increasingly become a question relating to  marketing. While the consumer wanders around in a world full of offers and articles, desire and seduction, marketing and lust, CORSAGE-STUDIO’s work tries to respond to the question of what meaning fashion still has these days. Although they are no longer interested in fashion and her (marketing) system, they are interested in people’s dressing habits, and in developing new ways of applying and wearing clothing. Like modern anthropologists, they research why people wear what they wear. Using the material as their starting point, the studio’s work researches dressing habits, and what motivates people to wear certain things. At the same time, the work touches upon topical issues, and searches for a deeper meaning behind it all.

CORSAGE-STUDIO does not design a fashion collection but rather a selection of garments that can be regarded as an art collection. They are individual items that can be worn as fashion items, but that have not necessarily been created as such. Instead, they are wearable objects with a purpose and meaning.

The Rotterdam label CORSAGE-STUDIO is made up of fashion illustrator and visual artist Rabin Huissen, and filmmaker and photographer Robert Stroomberg.

Hat-Dresses I, photography: Ditisonswerk
Delft Blue dress, photography: No studio photography
Delft Blue dress, photography: No studio photography