KAUSA Communication and Design

KAUSA Communication & Design is founded by Wouter Kok. And is active between Lille and Amsterdam.

KAUSA develops creative concepts, services and products. With it’s activities it wants to contribute to strengthening connections between people, organizations and cultures. Specialisms are editorial design, branding, art-direction, graphic design, communication and consulting. With traditional media, as well as digital and spatial.

With its mindful approach KAUSA helps to transform ideas into high quality results with content and style. And as such gives an optimal effect to the cause of a project.

KAUSA works together with clients from the cultural and educational field, research and science, local and national governments, NGO’s, architects and real-estate developers and more. Depending on the nature of the project there will be a collaboration with other specialists. With its activities in France and the Netherlands, KAUSA also wants to help to connect these cultures. And has a developed a broad expertise with projects in this domain.

Furthermore KAUSA offers workshops in the field of communication, design and creativity. And Wouter gives lessons and workshops at the French design school ECV Creative Schools & Community.