Paris FvdV

Ferry created his weblog “Paris FvdV” in April 2011 and since then,  he has been blogging about the French capital. He fell in love with Paris after his first visit in 1968, and ever since then he has returned many times, each year to discover new places: beautiful alleys, hidden passages, wonderful walks or bike rides, special restaurants, forgotten railways and much more. Ferry always was, and still is, extremely fascinated by his discoveries, his ‘little gems’, as he likes to call them. His blogs reflect the observations of a curious traveller who wants to know more about the Paris of the Parisians; one must find the “Couleur Locale.”On a weekly basis, he takes you, the reader, off the beaten track, among hidden treasures. His goal is to tell you about the ambiance and temptations of historic moments in time, that are still visible in this great city and unknown to the average tourist.

Let Ferry be your local guide!