The Sandwichbike is a Dutch Design original, designed by Basten Leijh. The bike, whose frame consists of two wooden panels,  is inspired by the concept of flat packing, home assembly and the never-ending drive to create exceptional products. The modern design, the large surface of the frame and the absence of welding joints make the frame attractive and easy to assemble. The bike is delivered in a flat cardboard box and can be assembled within 60 minutes, using a few basic tools  that are provided with the delivery. The wooden frame consists of sustainable wood and is the  only frame in the world that can match pantone colors. Furthermore, Sandwichbikes wants to encourage sustainable use. The self-assembly concept gives people more affinity with the final product and enhances ownership. People should feel proud of their bike as well as motivated to take better care of it. Therefore, the Sandwichbike is not just a bike, it’s a topic of conversation! Sandwichbikes is a Pedalfactory B.V. product. The Pedalfactory is a young enterprise that focuses on developing, launching and selling unique cycling products.